Jim and Carol's 25th Anniversary

Cruise to Alaska

July 2003
On July 1, 2003 Jim and Carol celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.  Jim surprised Carol with a cruise to Alaska which included spending three days in Vancouver British Columbia in Canada.   We arrived in Vancouver on July 5 and departed on the cruise July 6 returning to Vancouver on July 13.  We then stayed at a bed and breakfast in Vancouver for two more nights before returning home.

Jim had traveled to Vancouver while he worked for Rockwell Collins and always thought of it as one of the most beautiful cities he had been to in the world..  As you can see the mountains are right there at the city limits which makes for a beautiful backdrop to a very unique city in the Northwest.

This picture was taken from the Canada Place pier the day before we cruised. 


July 6 was a beautiful day as we prepared to leave Vancouver and begin the cruise up the inside passage.  As you can see the weather and temperature was just beautiful.  The Mercury is a beautiful ship in the Celebrity line. The Mercury is an amazing ship.  It is 798 ft long and 101 ft wide.  At full speed of 23 knots it burns 94 gallons of diesel per mile!
This is the view of Canada Place from the deck of the Mercury the day we departed. Carol and I participated in a shipboard welcome to newleyweds and couples celebrating anniversaries.  This was in the Navigators Club which is right at the front of the ship.
Carol was enjoying some hot soup and marveling at the sight of the Hubbard Glacier which is what she is pointing at in this picture. This is a view of the Hubbard Glacier which is about 2 miles behind us.  Because of all the ice in the water we could not get as close to the glacier as expected.  The glacier is the light blue right up to the base of the mountain.  The face of the glacier is about 250 to 300 ft tall from the water.
This is the view of our first cruising sunset.  We had just finished dinner on the first evening and we went up to the top deck and this was the view about 10:30 pm that evening just at sunset. These were all the folks that cruised with us.  We met them the first night at dinner.  Dinner is always at the same tabel and with the same folks.  Our table, as you can see, is right next to the windows at the stern of the ship.  How luckey we were to have this beautiful view the entire cruise.

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